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Making beach movies on location

When a production crew shoots a film, it is either done in a studio where a set is built and lit to exacting specifications, or “on location”. Beaches are a bit tricky to film in a studio, so most, if not all, are shot on location.

The location of the shoot may not always be the location of the beach in the film. For example, parts of the James Bond film, Casino Royale, that claimed to be Miami were shot in The Bahamas. Conversely, The Blue Lagoon was shot on Turtle Island in Fiji and was said to be a “South Pacific islands”, which in fact Fiji is.

Some notable beaches have been used as the location shoots for movies; other beaches have become notable after the fact. We’re pretty sure that by watching any of these movies, viewers have been inspired to visit the places they have met on celluloid. Be sure to check out or Top Ten movies lists from the 1950s right through to the present and see what films made the list, with the minimum requirement of having a beach scene in them.

Let’s explore a handful of films shot on location on a beach:

Next time you see a movie that was obviously shot on a beach, see if you can tell where it is located. If you can’t, then try to find out through internet research and perhaps consider paying it a visit. And when you’re planning your next film production, use that as an excuse to tour the world’s beaches doing shoot location selection!

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