United States


A dominant nation among western global powers, the U.S.A. is a large country, possessing some of the most famous beaches in the world; names like Newport Beach, Miami Beach and Myrtle Beach, among many others. Its climate runs from cold oceanic in Alaska to tropical in Hawaii; the mainland section of the U.S.A. runs from continental to sub-tropical.

America, as it is commonly called, touches many major bodies of water, in part due to the fact that Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are among its member states and protectorates. American beaches are on the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and a litany of freshwater lakes, including all five of the Great Lakes.

The U.S.A. is a republic, and has always been known as a place where dreams are pursued. Many of its beaches are dreamy in their warmth and sunshine with turquoise waters and safe swimming. America is a diverse country, very different from east to west and from north to south; accordingly, some parts of it are more desirable than others. America’s large population tends to inhabit some resort and beach towns, and many of those have developed to become massive urban centers. Virginia Beach, Virginia, and South Beach, Florida, are two examples.

There are dozens of beaches in the Los Angeles area, most of those part of large suburban centers. Venice Beach and Long Beach are considered greater L.A. beaches. Conversely, Laguna Beach is a California Pacific Ocean locale that has been a designated beach resort town (and arts community) for the duration of its existence. The more remote, wild beaches of America are largely on the Hawaiian Islands and in Alaska.

The beaches of America are on saltwater oceans and freshwater lakes; they are sometimes cold and dark blue or pale turquoise and warm. American beaches are in bucolic-sounding places like Lake Placid, New York, and regal ones like Prince William Sound, Alaska, where there is the magnificent Black Sand Beach. Inland and coastal, America’s beaches are popular, beautiful escapes, with a wide range of options, from party-central to quiet solitude. The beaches of the U.S.A. are places you, too, can explore in virtual mode before you visit.

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