United Kingdom Beaches

United Kingdom


Comprising four areas of vastly different culture and topography, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is a fairly large island pair, with clusters of smaller island groups and individual islands surrounding in the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, Celtic Sea and North Sea, as well as bordering on the English Channel that separates this nation from France.

Beaches cover the coasts of these islands, running the gamut from cold maritime weather in the north of Scotland and the Hebrides Islands, to warm maritime in the south of England, close to London. Thanks to this diversity, the beaches of the United Kingdom serve many purposes, from beachcombing to whale-watching, and from sailing to sunbathing. Despite the United Kingdom’s image of being a rainy locale, Brighton Beach on the English Channel is one of the most popular beaches in all of Europe, and many of the British rich and famous live there (the city is now known as Brighton Hove).

There are beaches here, too, on the many lakes that decorate the interior. These are not so much sunning and swimming beaches, except for the robust, but shorelines on lakes and wide rivers in the English Lake District and the Scottish Highlands are often quiet respites from the general mayhem of life. Maybe swimming in Loch Ness isn’t a great idea, but you never know what monstrosity you might meet if you park on the beach awhile!

The United Kingdom has always been known for its stalwarts, and sometimes wrongly regarded as “stuffy”, but times have changed and the citizens of the United Kingdom are hip, welcoming and very endearing, proud of the British Isles and their diverse beaches. United Kingdom’s beaches are surrounded by history, culture and a new wave of fine cuisine that makes dining a pleasure.

United Kingdom beaches are about exploration, culture and history, or rich with wilderness and silence, or they might be the classic beach image that you read about in Dickens, resplendent with promenades and boardwalks, a long pier and a carousel, reminders of a time gone by. Ultimately the beaches of the United Kingdom are magical places to discover virtually or in person, and they are waiting in the mists of your imagination.

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