South Africa


Since its shift from the old white minority rule to the current multi-racial democracy, South Africa has worked hard to improve every aspect of its life, and much of the financial up-tick has been focused in the tourism industry. With 42,000,000 citizens, South Africa’s other main businesses, namely agriculture (including a burgeoning wine industry) and diamonds, have been integral to drawing it into a more modern commerce.

South Africa is a broad swath of land on the southern tip of the African continent, at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean (west coast) and Indian Ocean (east coast) that results in a litany of beaches. South Africa has been a pivotal nation of commercial port activity for more than 500 years; water has and still does play an important role in its economy.

With nine provinces, South Africa’s Kwazulu-Natal, where Durban Beaches and all of the country’s east-coast beaches are located, is arguably the most popular for vacation beaches. Durban North Coast Beach and Durban South Coast Beach are within the large city’s limits, but the sand, sun and surf doesn’t stop there; the coast going north all the way to the country of Mozambique and south to the South African province of Eastern Cape, is littered with beaches, like a string of pearls.

South Africa’s beaches are wild to wildly-developed, such as those in and around Durban. They have been described as “remote” and “circus-like”, and everything in between. The beaches on the Indian Ocean are rich with marine life, including sharks, and the government has taken extraordinary measure to install shark nets to protect swimmers and surfers.

South Africa’s beaches are consistently warm, mostly sun-filled and a huge tourist draw from all over the world. Within short distance of some South African beach locations are wildlife sanctuaries and endangered species protected areas, so a beach visit can involve much, much more. South Africa has a lot to offer and as it continues to become the better place it has chosen to be, the better the beaches and opportunities get.

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