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Silvi Marina

Abruzzo, Italy

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The most famous and picturesque seaside resort in Abruzzi. A historically significant town. One of the major wine regions of the world; there is nothing quite like sipping a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo right where it was grown and vinted!

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  • Where is it?province of Teramo, north of Pescara on the east coast of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea
  • Coordinates: latitude» 42.5523°
    longitude» 14.1197°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: warm Mediterranean
  • Development: part of a series of developed areas and resort towns
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: white sand to pale grey sand
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It’s la dolce vita. It’s l’amore. It’s Italy. Few countries in the world ooze romance like bella Italia. With one of the world’s most popular styles of cuisine, the most expansive wine production on the planet (every single region of Italy is wine-producing; no other country can lay claim to this), glorious Mediterranean climate, and a people and language that celebrate life and love, this is one of the top beach wedding destinations. It’s our number one; check out our Top Ten Beaches for Weddings page and see!

Silvi Marina, and its neighboring towns along this Adriatic coast, has a long history of defending what were, historically, the city states that now make up the country of Italy. The Abruzzi region is across the sea from the launch-pad of invaders such as the Barbarians and Turks, and evidence of defense in the form of Medieval fortresses and towers, as well as the sanctuaries of the time, churches and abbeys, mark the landscape with glorious snippets of history. These are remnants of the area’s ancient days.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the wealthy built exquisite, costly villas on the hillsides, fashionable residences that remain to this day and many of which have since been converted into exclusive inns, or operate as villas for rent by upscale tourists. In the mid-1800s a railway station was built at Silvi Marina, further opening the area to vacationers from the rest of Italy, the United Kingdom and Europe. North Americans were a little slow to discover it, tending to visit well known Italian cities like Rome, Venice and Florence instead.

It’s not just the beautiful beach that draws visitors from far and wide. Agritourism is big here, with rural holidays in vineyards, olive groves and farms that have as the primary crop, anise (also fennel, which is delicious cooked as a vegetable or raw in salads); this region is well regarded for its production of licorice and alcoholic beverages made from licorice root and/or seed, such as Anisette, Galliano, and White or Black Sambuca.

One of the great draws to this sophisticated yet rustic area, besides the stunning beach and azure waters, is the range of accommodations and their prices. You can still get a decent room in an inn here for very little money, or you can find up to a five-star hotel and live the lavish life. Dining well is an understatement. Food in Italy is far more than just daily sustenance, it’s a celebration.

If you are in Silvi Marina in May to June, be sure to get involved in the feasting and celebrations of Lu Cencialone. This is a major event celebrating the “miracle” that rid the town of the Barbarians after they invaded many centuries ago.

Local spots that are a must-see include Torre di Cerrano, the ancient harbor area, the Church of San Salvatore (1252) and Silvi Alta, the part of town that is up on a hill and was a former garrison. History and beauty in perfect harmony.

Silvi Marina is more a place for romance than family fun, although Italy loves its “bambini”! It’s perfect for beach relaxation and a refreshing dip in the sea, for an intimate dinner by candlelight, and for a leisurely stroll among the relics of history nearby or hand-in-hand along the beach as night falls.

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