Portugal Beaches



Consuming most of the Atlantic coast on the western side of Spain, Portugal enjoys one of the warmer climates in Europe; it is regarded as Mediterranean, but its islands, the Azores and Madeira, are sub-tropical. Portugal is laid-back, pretty and romantic, a delightful place for a relaxed vacation.

With 11 million people, Portugal has a long seafaring history, and for a relatively small country has conquered and possessed many places from Africa to South America. Portuguese explorers helped to find and develop the western hemisphere. Rich in its colorful past, Portugalís architecture provides beach vacationers with fascinating street-strolling opportunities when a day away from the beaches is acceptable. Portugal is resplendent with the classic appeal of Portuguese Late Gothic architectural style; one of its most incredible buildings is the Belem Tower in Lisbon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To the north, Portugal sports mostly mountain ranges, but its southern regions on the Atlantic Ocean are warm and sunny, and this is where its most perfect beaches lie. Thanks to its climate and coastal location, Portugal has a mixture of foods, but most cuisine is fish-based and fresh! It is also a major wine-producer and the source of a large part of the world supply of cork.

With 18 districts, there are plenty of regions within Portugal to explore on a beach-based holiday, and because it borders on Spain, there is an opportunity to visit both countries and their sunny beaches.

Portugal is a safe, beautiful, culturally fascinating, gastronomically diverse country of idyllic beaches and sunny attitudes. Its beaches are invariably close not only to other fine beaches, but to attractions of historic and artistic significance. For residents of the western hemisphere, Portugalís beaches are the closest in Europe.

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