Pereau Beach

Nova Scotia, Canada

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A fantastic place to fish; one of Nova Scotia’s best-kept fishing secrets! A staggering spot to observe the world’s highest and lowest tides.

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  • Where is it?on the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin in the north central sector of Nova Scotia, east end of the Annapolis Valley, about 1 hour from Halifax by car, at the mouth of Pereau Creek
  • Coordinates: latitude» 45.2°
    longitude» -64.3825°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: maritime
  • Development: rural or natural area; fishing area with commercial harbor, very minor development
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: beige/ginger sand with lots of shells
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A combination of beach and harbor, Pereau Beach is a fabulous location for watching the business of fishing take place. Where Pereau Creek empties into this section of the Minas Basin, carp, channel catfish and white bass abound, but your timing has to be right; when the water isn’t there, neither are the fish!

This is a small commercial fishing harbor, and the boats come and go, literally, with the tides. The fishing vessels are either floating dockside or sitting firmly on the wet red mud some 25 feet, or more, below. It’s busy for a small port, with preparations for setting out and loading off the catch when the boats return, but all in accordance with the exacting times of the Fundy tides.

With the Bay of Fundy displacing more water each time the tide goes in and out than all the rivers in the world combined, the action of the water is nothing less than spectacular. Sit on the wharf, cast your line, catch a few fish, and then cook them over a fire on the beach.

Pereau Beach is a fine place for a long walk; you can study the marshes and the sea, and then the rich, red mud with its tiny rivulets, offshoots of the creek, when the tide has gone. This is a terrific beach for collecting driftwood.

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