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Surfers Paradise

The surfing capital of Australia, hence the name. It is home to the annual Gold Coast Indy 300 car race and the tallest... more

Silvi Marina

The most famous and picturesque seaside resort in Abruzzi. A historically significant town. One of the major wine regions of the... more

Brighton Beach

The most famous beach in the United Kingdom. Host city of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 that launched the career of ABBA... more

Agios Georgios

Corfu’s answer to Malibu or Daytona, this is where the young and beautiful gather to swim, play, dance and... more

Popular Beaches

Makena Beach

One of the top spots in the world for beach weddings due to its ultimate picturesque backdrop. Makena Beach is a fairly long... more

Corfu Beaches

The second largest of the Ionian Island chain that is part of Greece, Corfu boasts 135 miles (217 kilometers) of coastline, much... more

Myrtle Beach

Rated the top family beach in America; hometown of television’s Vanna... more

Surfers Paradise

The surfing capital of Australia, hence the name. It is home to the annual Gold Coast Indy 300 car race and the tallest... more Famous Top 10 Lists Top Ten Black Sand Beaches

We’ve picked the top ten black sand beaches not based on typical beach accouterments and activities like swimming and sunbathing, but more for the drama of their appearance. There are thousands of white, gold, beige and pinky sand beaches that answer to vacation-style popularity. Black sand beaches are about breathtaking... more Top Ten Beaches for Weddings

One of the most romantic notions of weddings is to get married on a beach. Because there is no church or reception hall to rent, beach weddings are sometimes less expensive than conventional ones, unless the beach is far away from where you live and guests must fly there and pay for accommodations. Here's our list of the... more Top Ten Beach Bar Cocktails

Sun, sand, tropical breeze. The missing ingredient? A refreshing cocktail in your hand! Summery, fruity cocktails are a mainstay of a tropical beach vacation, and the beach bar mixologist can stir up whatever you desire. Here are our top ten tropical beach bar refreshers, complete with a quickie tutorial on how to... more Top Ten Beach Songs

It’s always fun to hang out on the beach in the sun and listen to tunes. Decades ago we did that using a transistor radio; now it’s an iPod! Half the fun is catching your favorite songs while having some fabulous R&R time or a perfect vacation, but the beauty of beach songs is that when you hear them again, sometimes... more

Here about the beach I wander’d, nourishing a youth sublime
With the fairy tales of science, and the long result of Time.
— Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

Little captures the human imagination and fantasy like a beach. It’s the place where you can play, even if you’re 80, feel an integral part of the planet sift through your toes as you walk its length, and an escapist destination when the thought of a vacation comes to mind.

Beaches are dreams. A romantic stroll along a Caribbean beach at sunset with your lover. A picnic on the rocky periphery of the beach in Bar Harbor, Maine. A lobster dinner with the local wine on the beach ... more

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