North America


A huge landmass that spans many degrees of latitude and climate from cold oceanic to tropical, this region includes Canada, the country with the longest coastline in the world. Also part of this region are the United Sates of America (including Alaska and Hawaii), Mexico, Bermuda, Greenland and the Caribbean. Nations the size of Canada and the United States have a great deal of land that does not border on the ocean, but almost without exception, these two countries have lakes with beaches in every state and province.

Canada’s province of Ontario is home to the two longest freshwater beaches in the world, namely Wasaga Beach and Sauble Beach. The province of British Columbia has a long coastline and a large island (Vancouver Island), and in the southern portion, the climate is milder than in other parts of the country, making for some interesting beaches, such a s Wreck Beach in Vancouver, with fabulous views.

America boasts some of the world’s most famous beaches, like Miami Beach and Myrtle Beach. The state of Florida is lined with beach after beach, as is California with the likes of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Pebble Beach, but the topography is more varied on the west coast. Hawaii is renowned for its beaches, some of them, namely Honokalani Beach, with black sand, the result of lava colliding with cool ocean water.

Mexico has long been the destination of choice for western hemisphere dwellers who face the harsh winters of the north; it’s color and culture, sun and surf, low-cost vacations and laid-back attitude are prevalent at its varied beaches; Acapulco Beach is totally different in topography and atmosphere from Cancun Beach. Mexico presents a smorgasbord of sand and surf!

The Caribbean is the largest collection of closely connected tropical and sub-tropical islands on the planet; Dover Beach in Barbados and Governors Beach on Grand Turk in the Turks & Caicos share a sea and sun, but have unique flavors. With vastly different cultures, from French to Spanish to Dutch and English, thanks to foreign settlement, each island is unique. Aruba, for example, as part of the Netherlands Antilles chain, boasts Dutch-influenced architecture in its capital city, Oranjestad. Havana, Cuba, is like a tour through antiquated Spanish civilization, with touches of the modern. The British Virgin Islands and Martinique (France) have more than language as their differences, and viva la difference!

Bermuda is like a world unto itself with few cars, colorful houses and those world-famous shorts! Alone off the coast of Georgia, U.S.A., Bermuda enjoys temperate weather, outstanding golf and a civilized lifestyle as its British ownership suggests.

Greenland may not be a place one thinks of when the word “beach” comes to mind, but it’s surrounded by water, a large island with amazingly varied coastlines of bays, fjords and yes, beaches.

In the world of North American beaches, we’ll show you beaches of wide variety and intense beauty; somewhere on this continent, there is a beach for you.

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