Bracketed by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico is indented by the long Gulf of California, giving it waterways on many sides, and decorating it with some of the best beaches in the world. With dozens of small islands, Mexico’s vacation favorite is Cozumel, Quintana Roo, just off the resort-dense shores of the Yucatan Peninsula, and across a strait where Cancun Beach and Playa del Carmen Beach hug a massive annual tourism trade.

For all its politicians’ efforts, Mexico, in places, remains a somewhat dangerous locale. The tourist trade is a huge component of Mexico’s economy and powerful measures have been taken to ensure beaches in popular resorts are properly policed and safeguarded.

Mexico’s beaches are hugely popular with Canadians and northern Americans seeking warmth and sunshine during the winter months. Because of Mexico’s unique cultural experiences, its beaches are rich with color, flavor, music and dance. It owes much of its vibrant personality to its Spanish roots.

The country’s ancient history is focused mostly in the Mayan and Aztec cultures (although there are several other tribal influences). We have the Aztecs to thank for chocolate, and what could be a more suitable tribute than to munch on some chocolate as you sun on a Yucatan beach! These peoples built incredible structures, many now fascinating ruins that make for a more interesting beach holiday. One of Mexico’s ancient pyramids is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Spanish conquered in 1521, changing the face and customs of Mexico forever, but adding some superb details that make Mexico beaches more than just sand and surf.

Formally called the United Mexican States, Mexico is a federal republic that comprises 31 states, 18 of those coastal, and dozens of islands. The Tropic of Cancer runs more or less through the middle, diving the country into a temperate climate half and a tropical half. Most of Mexico’s preferred beaches are in the southern portion, the tropics, and they range from busy spots like Acapulco Beaches on the Pacific Coast to laid-back or wild and undeveloped locales like Playa Bonita Beach on Cozumel. The choice is yours and you’ll find a Mexican beach that brings you bliss.

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