Italy Beaches



From its Alpine Mountains in the north, to its sub-tropical island shores of Sicily in the south, Italy’s long, narrow geography brings it some of the most varied climate and beaches in Europe. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ligurian Sea, the Gulf of Taranto, Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, Italy is almost surrounded completely by water. Because of its narrowness (it is a long peninsula) even inland locales are not far from the water and beaches.

Italy’s mainland plays parent to a number of islands and the independent (landlocked) Principality of San Marino near the Adriatic coast, famous for its annual Imola Grand Prix in the Formula 1 racing series. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia are fairly large, and surrounded by beaches, some of which feel positively tropical. Other Italian islands include Elba (a favorite vacation spot for Napoleon), Montecristo and Capri; they have magnificent beaches, some of them quite secluded. Porto Fino, the upscale Italian Riviera resort town, is a huge draw for the rich and famous, and the perfect base for a luxury Italian beach vacation.

Italy is all about romance, and that includes wine, food, beauty, beaches and amore. It is one of the top choices of Europeans who opt to have a beach wedding; many of those are staged at Silvi Marina Beach. The Italians know how to perfectly blend the laid-back nuances of beach living with the excitement of romantic adventure! A drive down one coast and up the other, visiting beaches along the way would be one of the ultimate romantic vacations.

Italy is the only country in the world where each region (it is divided into states, primarily) produces wine. Relaxed laws regarding wine consumption make it possible on most Italian beaches for people to sip wine as they dine and enjoy the lovely weather and stunning scenery.

An Italian beach vacation affords many fascinating adjuncts, like museums and art galleries, opera and architecture, all for the enjoying. More than 43 million tourists flock to Italy every year, and for good reason; just be careful in and around Naples as its crime rate is high.

Divided into 20 regions, Italy has only four that are not on the coasts. Up the middle of Italy run the Apennine Mountains, a superb place to hike on a day away from the sun and sand and surf. One of the favorite beach areas for British tourists in the early 1900s, the Lake District of Italy, including spectacular Lake Como, is still a popular spot for freshwater beaches. Italy is a place of romance and dreams, and a trip to Italy starts with a visit to a “bella spiaggia” for the “accatonne” in us all.

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