Iceland Beaches



Considered part of Europe, Iceland is a unique country with a cold oceanic climate, and interesting quirks (such as laws protecting elves), a singular language and volcanoes that seem to be able to shut down global air traffic. It is cold and yet warm at heart, with some of the most interesting beaches (if not tropical, fascinating!) to be found anywhere on the planet.

An independent republic, Iceland is home to a small population of less than 300,000, and rich with culture, icebergs and geological instability, a contrast to the solidity of the people, politics and culture. Its citizens have an unusually high life expectancy and extremely high literacy rates. The main element of the economy is based on fishing, but tourism is a growing faction; most people visit the capital of Reykjavik, but the beaches are not to be missed.

Iceland, covered with glaciers and icefields, as well as barren wasteland (albeit eerily scenic!) is home to one of the most remarkable black sand beaches in the world, Vik Beach, near the tiny village of the same name on the south shore. Icelandís beaches are anything but sun, surf and sand, and yet they have been the subjects of stunning photography by shooters the world over.

People who visit Iceland (be forewarned) are enchanted, and most return at least once; some never leave. Perhaps itís the drama of the at-times bleak vistas, at other times beautiful settings, that flow around its coastlines and beaches, or the mythical creatures that lure beach-lovers and wonít let them go. Itís illegal to bring elves home from the beach on Iceland. But donít let that stop you; this is a country with beaches worthy of your time and attention.

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