Hall's Harbour Beach

Nova Scotia, Canada

Starfish Rating of 3

Claim to Fame

Home of one of the largest lobster pounds in the world; location on the Bay of Fundy, subject to the highest and lowest tides on the planet.

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  • Where is it?north coast, on the Bay of Fundy, end of Highway 359, 10 miles (16 kilometers) north of Kentville
  • Coordinates: latitude» 45.2021°
    longitude» -64.6191°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: maritime/temperate; can receive a lot of snow during the winter
  • Development: developed areas; resort town; fishing village
  • Length of Beach: 1m/1.6km
  • Type: dark-colored rough sand, pebbles and rocks
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Hallís Harbour Beach is a walking beach, a gentle crescent encircled by boulders with an evergreen-lined cliff flanking its southwestern edge. With a small but active natural harbor, Hallís Harbour was named for Samuel Hall, an American who fled his homeland during the American Revolution in 1779.

Since its founding, the village has supported a collection of fine homes, some of them summer residences, a mill and various buildings connected to fishing, ship-building and boating. The Baptist church was built in 1834 and remains in use today. A range of boats and ships were built in the harbor; the first, ďThe DoveĒ was built in 1835, and since then schooners and yachts have launched from Hallís Harbour.

During high tides (the Bay of Fundy boasts the highest and lowest tides on Earth), boats have easy ingress and egress to the harbor, which rests at the northeastern end of the beach, but there is no access during low tide when the entryway becomes nothing more than a rivulet in the sand. Tide variations as much as 40 feet make for fascinating viewing and enhance the experience of walking the length of this pebble beach. Itís a rock houndís paradise!

A terrible storm in 1962 destroyed much of the harbor, and pushed and shoved the form of the beach, requiring the wharves to be rebuilt. Set upon those wharves is Hallís Harbour Lobster Pound, world-renowned for its from-boat-to-plate fresh catches. You can select your lobster (one to five pounds, maximum; the larger the lobster the less tender, contrary to popular belief!), have it cooked and brought to your table on the wharf deck.

Exploring the art galleries and studios deepens the Hallís Harbour Beach experience, or watch the lobster traps being hauled in. Due to the position of the beach, sunrise and sunset are spectacular, with the morning sun dappling the water with pink tones, and in the evening, it appears like a silver ball dusting the surface of the Bay of Fundy with glitter.

If you care to experience the combined pleasures of beach-combing, walking, rock collecting, dining on lobster (outdoors or inside) and poking through artisansí work, in addition to marveling at the extremities of tides, Hallís Harbour Beach is a place to while away a few days. Take a warm jacket against the occasionally chilly Bay of Fundy winds, sturdy walking shoes and a sense of wonderment.

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