One of the seats of western civilization, Greece has a longer coastline that it might at first seem thanks to hundreds of islands and a particularly ragged shoreline on the mainland and islands. This affords a collection of private beaches set into coves, warm and sheltered.

A popular destination for beach aficionados from the United Kingdom and northern Europe, Greece has magic to its character, and inspires romantic moments amid the ruins, the quiet monasteries and in places with romantic handles, like Canal d’Amour at Sidari Beach on the Ionian Island of Corfu. Corfu Beaches are among the most visited of Greece; they are clean, friendly and strikingly beautiful, and close enough to one another that almost all of them can be explored in a week-long beach holiday.

The make-up of Greece and its islands, the largest of which is Peloponnesus, take much of their appearance and culture from ancient raids and long occupations by the Venetians and Turks. Food here is first-rate and fresh, with abundant olives, oranges, lemons and seafood. There is nothing else tastes quite like a dollop of Greek honey spread on crusty Greek bread as you sit under the shade of an umbrella on Agios Georgios Beach, preferably with a glass of ouzo on ice, decorated with a local lemon wedge!

Greek beaches are strewn about the waters of the Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Crete and the Aegean Sea. Crete is another popular destination, rich with ancient history and skirted with beautiful beaches. Islands are what make Greece unique. The Ionian Islands, including Corfu Beaches, are to the west, and form a crooked north/south chain down the Ionian Sea. Crete is the main southern island, and just to its east, Karpathos is a small delight between Crete and fascinating Rhodes Beaches. The Clyclades island group looks (on a map) like spilled out of Piraeus, the harbor city of Athens. Sounds like the basis of a Greek myth!

How special are Greek islands? Glamorous World War I poet, Englishman Rupert Brooke, who died at just 28, is buried on the gorgeous island of Skiros; a monument has been erected to his image and romantic poetry. Brooke worshippers (and they remain legion), visit the island to pay homage and to enjoy the beaches that Brooke himself once graced. If Rupert Brooke, an ultimate romantic, loved the sandy and pebbly beaches of Greece, we have a hunch you will, too.

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