Evangeline Beach

Nova Scotia, Canada

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The namesake of Longfellow’s Acadian heroine, Evangeline Beach boasts the most direct and clear view of Cape Blomidon. It’s a preferred (by locals) summer vacation spot, with a motel, camping and cottages.

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  • Where is it?on the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin in the north central sector of Nova Scotia, east end of the Annapolis Valley, about 1 hour from Halifax by car, close to the village of Grand Pré
  • Coordinates: latitude» 45.1382°
    longitude» -64.3165°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: maritime
  • Development: minor development with farms in the area; set at the edge of a campground and trailer park, plus cottages
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: mixed pebbles and rocks; some boulders
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Located at the northern edge of former Acadian farmlands on reclaimed (from the sea) lands developed about 400 years ago, this area has been re-established in the last few decades by Acadians and their ancestors. It is a steep, rocky, romantic, dramatic beach, ideal for rock hounds and explorers.

It’s a long climb down over jagged rocks and shale to the beach, and not for the unfit or elderly, but the Beach Breeze Motel and some cottages have stairs that lead directly to the beach; don’t assume they are for public use. Ask first!

Evangeline Beach itself is an amazing place to sun on the rocks; with its northern exposure and cool breezes, it removes the heat of the summer. It’s a great spot to picnic, with rocks forming natural tables and chairs!

To get to Evangeline Beach, one sets out from the establishment of Grand Pré (“great meadow”), home of the Acadians since the early 1600s and site of the expulsions in 1755, a black mark on early Canadian history. The Grand Pré National Historic Site is a superb memorial and museum to the people and their times. One can almost sense the Acadians’ presence when you walk the pebbles at picturesque Evangeline Beach.

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