Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an independent republic, situated in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, with coasts on the Pacific Ocean (west) and the Gulf of Mexico (east). It is one of the few Central American nations that is considered safe for tourists; the others are Belize and more recently, Panama. Since Christopher Columbus arrived in Costa Rica in 1502, and Spanish civilization followed and remained, Costa Rica is considered the most “European” country in Central America.

Cost Rica’s population is a bout 3.5 million, and there are very few indigenous peoples left. Its economy is highly tourist-driven, but it exports coffee and bananas worldwide. Its swampy lowlands on both coasts allow for easy access to oceans, and its tropical climate is perfect for the beach life. A narrow mountain range runs up the center of Costa Rica, and adds an element of interest for beach-goers who also want to hike the highlands and explore the amazing Costa Rican rain forest.

Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, is tucked into a deep, narrow bay and receives some protection from the westerly winds off the Pacific Ocean. It’s a quant city, rich with history and culture, affording a fine day-trip on a beach holiday in Costa Rica. Thanks to increasing tourism over the last couple of decades, Costa Rica has numerous all-inclusive and upscale resorts, as well as more affordable options, including camping.

Both coastlines are home to national parks and distinctive, very deep bays and inlets, creating an enclosed area for some of the most wonderful beaches in Costa Rica. Alive with music, excellent cuisine, arts and culture, Costa Rica Beaches are in short distance to fun and activity, and yet fairly quiet at most times, a grand escape and a perfect place to practice your Spanish!

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