About BeachGuides.org

We're travelers, explorers, dreamers, writers and photographers. We go to the beach every single day, at least in our minds. We know you dream of the perfect beach and so do we. Is there a perfect beach? Of course! There are thousands of beaches around the world, from black gravel beaches in the far north, to pure white sand beaches in the tropics. One spells "perfect" to you.

Some people, like us, love to sit on a Caribbean beach and read, popping in for a swim when we get too hot. Other people, like us, want to explore a beach littered with shipwrecks and imagine the stories behind them. And still other people, like us, take pleasure in walking for miles with the sand between our toes as the sun sets and our cares disappear beyond the horizon. You get the picture!

At BeachGuides.org, we are beach devotees and our purpose is to bring the most amazing beaches of the world to your computer; that way you can take your time in deciding which ones to visit and when you'll go. And you'll be wiser with the knowledge and insights we provide.

We're open to hearing from you about the beaches you've been to in person. So, tell us about your beach beliefs. There's a beach for everyone and in every dream. The best beach is one you share.

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