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Top Ten Beach Umbrellas

Most companies that manufacture drinks contract out for their logo to be emblazoned on all manner of gear from drink glasses to golf shirts and, lucky for we beach fans, beach and patio umbrellas. Corporations, hotels and hundreds of others use umbrella logos to promote, but we focused on drinks, from pop to beer to cocktail ingredients; definitely more fun on the beach! We checked out all of the beach umbrellas and selected the top ten based on the colors and design used, and how “cool” they look on a beach bar patio or making faux-shade on the sand.

#10 - Coors Light Beer

Nice contrast with clean black and white background (alternating panels) with the Coors logo in red. Crisp look.

#9 - Coca-Cola

Hot red with the familiar “Coke” logo in white. Simple and upbeat.

#8 - Perrier

Classy and simple in dark green with a white logo. Blends well with palm trees!

#7 - Miller Genuine Draft Beer

Regal-looking black and gold alternating panels; very masculine, producing darker shade.

#6 - Corona Beer

Two alternatives with this one. The main one is navy blue and white alternating panels with the crown logo in gold; the light beer version is sunny yellow and white with the logo in navy blue. Both have a fresh, breezy look.

#5 - Cinzano

A classic, these umbrellas have appeared at European cafes for decades. The red and blue alternating panels have the blue, red and white logo on the side flaps of the panels themselves. Chic to be sure!

#4 - Margaritaville Tequila

A different color scheme, the orange and white is brilliantly fresh, with the logo on the white panels. Makes you thirsty for a tequila sunrise or margarita cocktail.

#3 - Campari

Another European classic, the quintessential aperitif’s red tone with the strong blue logo. All you need is the club soda and a lime!

#2 - San Pellegrino

The sparkling water from Italy that quenches your beach thirst also has two versions of umbrellas, one striking black and red and the other cool pale blue and white, like the bottle label. We like them both!

#1 - Martini & Rossi Vermouth

This one shows design imagination and it’s why we picked it as our number one! Fresh alternating blue and white with the classic European logo on the white panels, and a bright, whimsical red pinwheel pattern at the center. Fun and hip!

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