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Linking two major continents, Central America is often overlooked, and its countries are so diverse politically and culturally that it seems almost a mistake to lump them all into one region. What the countries of Central America have in common, more than the social matters that set them apart, is gorgeous landscape, superb climate, and fabulous beaches, from white to black sand, on the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

The Central American beaches that we bring to you are located in the nations of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. While most have a Spanish-influenced culture, infusions of French, British and other cultures have created a mosaic of people, customs, language and food.

The northernmost, Belize, is part of the Yucatan Peninsula occupied largely by Mexico. On its eastern shoreline, the Gulf of Mexicoís warm waters and gentle breezes make for world-class swimming and snorkeling. Here is some of the best diving in the world. Belize is beautiful, safe and becoming more popular every year.

Although Guatemalaís Pacific coastline isnít very long, the nation is dotted with lakes and rivers; the ground rises here from the flatness of Belize into low mountain ranges than continue south through other countries in Central America. Sadly, Guatemala is not considered a safe place to travel thanks to political instability and violent crime problems in Guatemala City, but will report on its beaches and let you dream of the day when it becomes another superb travel destination.

Honduras is coming into its own as a vacation destination, with a long north-facing coastline dotted with small islands. It still has crime issues in its cities and on its beaches at night, but itís a cost-effective place to visit, and if you go to a beach resort that is properly supervised, and do not venture into the surrounding countryside, itís a worthwhile time out for complete rest and relaxation.

San Salvador is a country in transition, but parts of it are safe for tourists, and fortunately that includes most of its beaches, all situated on its short Pacific coastline. The trouble spots are largely centered in the capital city of San Salvador, which is inland.

Nicaragua boasts beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, plus a large inland freshwater lake, Lago de Nicaragua, with its own island, Isla de Ometepe; adjacent is a smaller lake, Lago de Managua, on which the capital city of the same name is situated. Therefore, Nicaragua offers both saltwater and freshwater beaches to enjoy in its tropical climate. There is a crime problem here, too, but if you play it safe, go to an all-inclusive resort and park there, stay at or in your hotel at night, itís another inexpensive vacation spot in Central America.

Costa Rica is a gorgeous nation with old mountains, lush lowlands, and beaches on its eastern (Caribbean Sea) and western (Pacific Ocean) coasts. Itís a safe place, very much geared to the tourism industry, and home of our number one of the worldís top ten black sand beaches, Playa Zancudo.

Panama has worked wonders to bring itself out of the crime-infested, politically corrupt nations in Central America, and tourism is making a big comeback as a result; its GDP is now among the highest in Central and South America. Still an inexpensive place to visit, it is attracting travelers from all over the world to its Caribbean Sea beaches, its Pacific Ocean beaches and those on its collection of small lakes.

While parts of Central America are dangerous, they still have beaches worth studying, even if you canít physically go there. At we deliver beaches you can visit as well as those you can only dream about, for now.

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