Playa Xhanan Beach

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Claim to Fame

One of the only beaches in all of Mexico that has a fully intact Mayan ruin (Castillo del Ray) right by the beach.

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  • Where is it?on the northern east coast of Cozumel on the Caribbean Sea
  • Coordinates: latitude» 20.5358°
    longitude» -86.7502°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: tropical
  • Development: rural or natural area; minor development
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: white sand
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Wind: Kmph
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This is a wild, remote beach, about a three-hour drive from San Miguel de Cozumel, the islandís town, and itís not for the feeble, very old or very young, but itís worth the drive if you want to experience something completely different.

You can walk right into the two-room Castillo del Ray ancient Mayan ruin, and almost hear the ghosts of distant yesteryear as they whisper like the winds dusting the surf. Itís a magical, haunting place to sunbathe or meditate.

Playa Xhanan Beach is not the beach for swimming due to rip currents and shark dangers, but itís a Zen-like experience. If you want to do more than sit and contemplate the ancient world, you can catch fish and lobster right here. This is a beach made for explorers and adventurers.

The sand gets sticky when itís wet and regular vehicles can become stuck, so be certain to rent a 4WD Jeep or equivalent, then you can use it as a base from which to beach comb, stroll or dive, if you know what youíre doing (this place is not for the inexperienced diver!). Such is the unique nature of Playa Xhanan Beach.

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