Playa Puerto Marques Beach

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Favored by the locals, this is a safer beach for swimming and not as expensive as tourist-geared Acapulco Beaches.

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  • Where is it?on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, in a inlet of Acapulco Bay, 191 miles (300 kilometers) southwest of Mexico City
  • Coordinates: latitude» 16.8024°
    longitude» -99.8362°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: tropical
  • Development: section of a large urban area
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: white sand
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Located next to a large hill known as Las Brisas, Playa Puerto Marques Beach is on the way out of Acapulco proper, towards the airport. Because it involves a bit of car travel to reach the beach from downtown, beach vendors are seldom seen here, making it far more peaceful than the main beaches in the city.

Playa Puerto Marques Beach is adjacent to another relaxing strip of sand, Revolcadero Beach, but this one is populated more with locals than wealthy tourists. And that is the big difference. Because itís not tourist-driven, the price for food at restaurants is significantly lower, and the food by and large is more authentic.

Two of the favored dishes here are cheviche and pulpo. Cheviche is extremely fresh, raw fish marinated in lime and/or lemon juice and chili spices; it is customarily served on a bed of lettuce with sides of sweet potato, corn and avocado. Pulpo is a tapa (appetizer) made with cooked octopus, dusted with sweet Spanish paprika, and served with boiled potatoes and olive oil. Playa Puerto Marques Beach has a number of inexpensive restaurants that sell these dishes.

This is the ideal spot for a lazy day at the beach, perfect for a romantic evening stroll; the locals all head home when the tide comes in during the later afternoon, leaving the beach almost empty. Because local families attend at this beach, it can be busy in the late morning, but there is still an unhurried sensibility here.

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