Playa Larga Beach

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Playa Larga Beach is the go-to destination for Acapulco eco-tourists.

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  • Where is it?on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, on an inlet of the south shore of Acapulco on Acapulco Bay
  • Coordinates: latitude» 16.8406°
    longitude» -99.9104°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: tropical
  • Development:
  • Length of Beach:
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Located in a deep inlet within Acapulco Bay, Playa Larga Beach is a protected cove on the wide peninsula that forms the western edge of Acapulco Beaches. Translated into English, “larga” means “long” and so this is the Acapulco version of Long Beach; there are many beaches in the world thus named and for the obvious reason; they are very long beaches.

Playa Larga Beach is next to Playa Honda Beach that shares this snug little bay; they are entirely different types of beaches, surprising given their close proximity. Playa Larga Beach has a focus on ecology and eco-tourism. It’s a far cry from the teeming city beaches of Acapulco, smothered in fancy hotels, slick boutiques and high-end restaurants.

Considered to be an “undeveloped” beach, Playa Larga Beach is nonetheless part of Acapulco Beaches and the massive number of tourists that visit every year, and yet, it is distinct. There are no beach vendors here, a fixture of most Acapulco Beaches. Although it’s just over half an hour from downtown Acapulco, it seems a world away with its traditional tropical beach sensibility. If you cover your ears and eliminate the sounds of motorized boat traffic, you might think you were in some remote locale.

Eco-tourists are particularly fond of the sea turtle hatchery at Playa Larga Beach. It’s a deeply moving experience to be part of the marine life process.

Unlike most of Acapulco Beaches that sport grand hotels, Playa Larga Beach has a campground, and amenities that are earth-gentle. There is free parking in the area for those who don’t arrive on bicycles, but the “cat watchers”, as they are known, need to be tipped, lest they might become part of the car thievery network that is sadly I action here.

Playa Larga Beach is a haven and a sanctuary amid the chaos and vivacity that is Acapulco Beaches.

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