Jamaica Beaches



Located in the Greater Antilles section of the West Indies, Jamaica has long been known for its gorgeous beaches and lush scenery, a tourist destination for more than 100 years; most visitors hail from Canada and the United Sates of America, but a number of Europeans, especially from Germany and other more northern locales, also frequent the warmth and sunshine of Jamaica.

Jamaica has suffered some problems over the last few decades, some of that wrought of political strife and much of the rest due to illicit drug issues, but it still remains a destination of choice when the winter sets in.

Situated well in the central part of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is an elongated island, longer from east to west than it is wide, and with beaches around its entire perimeter. Its capital, Kingston, is an interesting spot for a day-trip and the fairly large town of Montego Bay (and Montego Bay Beach) has a variety of experiences to enjoy, from the beach itself to the lofty, upscale residential area in the hills, known as Reading.

Jamaica is rich with history, too, and dozens of old plantations and manor houses are located near the beaches. Half Moon Bay Beach has a haunted plantation house! Parts of Kingston, too, are historically significant in the past of the Caribbean islands.

In Jamaica, there is such attention paid to tourism that it would be hard not to find a beach that is ideal for you. Family-oriented spots such as Ocho Rios Beach and Discovery Bay Beach suit children and parents alike; Negril Beach, with its topless policy, is perfectly designed more for adults and romance.

The Jamaican cuisine has been slowly introduced to the western diet, but here is where Jamaica’s signature dish, ackee and saltfish, tastes like nowhere else, especially when accompanied by a dark Jamaican rum and cola sipped on the beach as the sun sets and your tension disappears with it.

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