Isla la Roqueta

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This beach is uninhabited by human beings, but home to donkeys that seem to prefer the taste of a cold beer to water!

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  • Where is it?on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, on the island off the southwestern cost of Acapulco Bay
  • Coordinates: latitude» 16.8223°
    longitude» -99.9052°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: tropical
  • Development: rural or natural area; minor development
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: white sand
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The only way to reach this island beach is in a hired boat or via the ferry that departs from the docks next to the aquarium. No one lives here except for the curious burros that inhabit the island and seem people-friendly. Isla la Roqueta boasts one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Acapulco, and it tends not to be overly busy.

There is a lighthouse on the island, very worthy of a walk from the beach to explore. The burros will follow you there, in their companionable way, if you entice them with an ice-cold cerveza.

All kidding aside, you’ll need to ensure you bring water to Isla la Roqueta Beach; there is no freshwater available on the island. The relative peace of the beach makes for a restful day-trip, but there are few amenities, so be prepared to “rough it” a little.

This is a great spot to sunbathe and paddle in the water, paying heed to currents and waves, and to sit and watch ships pass into the harbor area at a distance. In fact, this is one of the best locations in Acapulco for viewing. A few parts of the island are on higher ground, enabling a wonderful vista of all that goes on in Acapulco Bay.

Isla la Roqueta Beach is an Acapulco anomaly, a place where you really can find a slice of solitude, especially if you go there during the week. It’s unique among the Acapulco Beaches.

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