France Beaches



Close to 60 million people live in France, absorbing its beauty, top-notch cuisine, fashions and fabulous wines. Paris is one of the most beloved romantic cities in the world, and France also boasts some of the most stunning beaches, with the added bonus of liberal attitudes. France is the largest country in Western Europe and a key early member of the European Union.

France is a place of agricultural fields, mountains (France’s Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe) and bucolic coastlines covered with gorgeous and varied beaches. Because it’s a relatively large country, its topography and climate are varied; in the north, it tends to be temperate and in the south, sub-tropical.

The vast number and type of French beaches owe to its central and yet coastal position in Europe. On the north, it is bordered by the English Channel and to the west the Bay of Biscayne (both within the definition of the Atlantic Ocean); to the south is the Gulf of Lions on the Mediterranean Sea. The island of Corsica, in the Mediterranean, is a French possession and has a few sumptuous beaches to its credit.

About half of the French population is rural; much of the rest lives in large urban areas like Paris. The French know how to spend their weekends and vacation time; they travel to Provence and its sandy reveries, such as Saint-Tropez Beach. The world-famous Cannes Film Festival takes place in a French beach city, and the magical Principality of Monaco owns a small slice of the southern shore of France.

There is little pleasure like relaxing on a sunny southern French beach with French wine, French bread, French cheese… And just letting yourself (including all your cares and woes) vanish in the culture, glamor and tastes of France, and the warm, soft sands of history.

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