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Cozumel is part of the noise and activity that defines Mexico and yet, as an island, it is singular in its collection of family-oriented beaches, Mayan ruins and safer atmosphere.

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  • Where are they? on Isla Cozumel, off the eastern shore of the Yucatan Peninsula, at the confluence of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, on the Yucatan Channel, southeast of Cancun
  • Coordinates: latitude» 20.4484°
    longitude» -86.9081°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: tropical
  • Development: varies from wild undeveloped to small cities with beachfront area
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: white sand
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Mexicoís policy of allowing no private beaches makes Cozumel a complete circle of great public beaches, very different in character and use, on almost every shore. Because it is an island, albeit not too far from the mainland, Cozumel offers ferry services from the mainland, as well as water taxis, and itís a main port of call for cruise ships.

Cozumel Beaches span this small island that is 30 miles (48 kilometers) long and 10 miles (16 kilometers) wide with a population of 72,000. The only real town on the island is San Miguel de Cozumel, and this is where most tourists head to spend their evenings, dining, dancing and enjoying the bars and clubs.

Cozumel is home to the fifth largest underwater cave on the planet, and is, therefore, an ideal location for snorkeling and diving. Cozumel Beaches are rich with vegetation and wildlife on land (flamingoes!) and in the sea. The west coast is a series of beautiful coral reefs. Most Cozumel Beaches have ample sun umbrellas and beach lounge chairs, and may offer freshwater swimming pools. Every beach on Cozumel seems to have its signature beach bar and restaurant.

In taking a look at 17 Cozumel Beaches, weíll circle the island from the north tip, down along the less-busy windward side, around the southern tip and move north up the popular leeward side. Letís take a virtual tour of Cozumel Beaches for your imagining and trip-planning pleasure:

Windward (East) Coast, North End

  • Playa Xhanan Beach
  • Playa Bonita Beach

Windward (East) Coast, Central

  • Playa Oriente Beach
  • Playa Punta Morena Beach
  • Playa Chen Rio Beach
  • Playa San Martin Beach

Windward (East) Coast, South End

  • Playa Bush Beach

Leeward (West) Coast, South End

  • Nachi-Cocom Beach
  • Playa Palancar Beach
  • Mr. Sanchos Beach

Leeward (West) Coast, Central

  • Playa Mia Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • San Francisco Beach
  • Playa Corona Beach
  • Playa Uvas Beach
  • Dzul-Ha Beach
  • Sunset Beach
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