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Albufeira Beach

Algarve, Portugal

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One of the top three destinations of British tourists who love great food and wine, a laid-back lifestyle and a very safe place to holiday.

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  • Where is it?the southernmost area of mainland Portugal, on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Coordinates: latitude» 8.25°
    longitude» 37.0833°
  • Water Type: saltwater
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Development: developed areas; series of resort towns and cities, the main city being Faro
  • Length of Beach:
  • Type: pink/beige to golden/yellow sand
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With dozens of villas, inns and hotels along its many beach areas, The Algarve offers a litany of vacation options. The beaches tend to be smaller crescents, south-facing (perfect for sunny warmth), backed by the sheltering sandstone cliffs that characterize the terrain; it is fun, romantic and inspiring all at once.

Albufeira Beach is ideal for people who want all the pleasures of a beach with a hot climate, but not necessarily the tropical heat found in Mexico or the Caribbean. Here is where the exotic feel of a European location, resplendent with history and culture, makes for one of the more relaxed holidays available, priced more reasonably than many other European destinations, and with the comfort of a safe environment.

Enjoy the great local wines and fish-based cuisine at a small bistro atop the cliffs in a quaint village. Be sure to try the popular local dish, chicken piri-piri; itís a hit! The classic wine of Portugal, Vino Verde, remains a favorite among locals, but many other whites and some stellar reds will complement your every meal.

Stroll among the Spanish-influenced architecture of picturesque seaside towns and historic cities like Tavira, Silves, Praia da Luz, and Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Some are built on terraces set into the facades of hillsides and are a work of art from a distance. Lagos is one of the more developed cities in The Algarve, resplendent with wonderful shops and restaurants, and is home to about 459,000 permanent residents. Be sure to pay a visit to one of the many spas; one of the highest rated is at the spa town of Caldas de Monchique.

There are several golf courses in The Algarve region, and other outdoor activities include a visit to the wonderful Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, and the lighthouse and walled town at Cabo do Sao Vicente in Sagres. The Autodromo Internacional do Algarve hosts exhilarating automobile races, a mainstay of European culture; every local boy wants to grow up to be a Formula 1 driver!

The beaches are adjacent and connected in what seems like an endless line of sand. The main beach at Albufeira is popular with tourists and locals alike, and has a superb nightlife after the day at the beach is done. Luxury resorts span the length of The Algarve, and there is something to suit every taste and budget.

The Albufeira Beach is an ideal spot for a day of fun on the beach, an exceptional meal and a perfect evening with a stroll through a village or dancing at a club. Itís simply the best of all worlds.

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